It’s Time To Get In The Sales Game!
No More Sitting On The Bench For You!
Get New Business, Paying Clients, And Grow Your Revenue Easily While Enjoying The Sales Process!
I can hear you sighing right now...
Ugh, that’s not my thing! I’ll wait a moment...

believe it or not, I’ve heard it before!
You might be like Frank, an introverted entrepreneur…

“I’m good at what I do but I’m not good at sales. I find it sleazy, I’m not a fast talkin’ sales kind of guy. I wish I never had to do any sales for my business”

Or maybe you’re like Sarah

“I just dread a sales call. I feel pressure building up for the big rejection. It really weighs me down. But, it’s the only way to bring in new revenue to my business.”

How about Janine

“It’s part of my job. It’s a small part but an important part. Yet, on the days I have sales calls, it’s all consuming.”

Or Steven

“I feel like the only thing that is truly measured is the sales numbers, and I always come up short. I know it’s not my strength. I’ve taken training but it’s all so vague and it didn't help!”

Have you ever felt like this?
 Have you ever faced the Buyer's Resistance Monster? 
Know the Signs!
“I have so much to do, and on top of that I’m supposed to be a great salesperson. I hate imposing myself onto others. I don’t like strong- arming someone into buying so I tend to go in the exact opposite direction.” 
Guess what? You’re right. Sales can definitely be a burden. Especially when there is so much poorly constructed “one size fits all” training. And don’t get me started on all the movies that portray dominating personalities taking advantage of people using the sales process as their vehicle. All the famous quotes from Glengarry Glen Ross and Wolf of Wall Street never helped anyone. 
"No, is just the starting point."
"Don’t try to close too early"
"Build a rapport"
Even if you knew what any of these things meant or when to do them. It’s so situational. It’s not something you can clearly label and act on. Getting the lead, converting it, when to say’s all a big scary mystery and has nothing to do with you or the person in front of you!
This Is A Rinse And Repeat System That Works!

Once you do it once, you can repeat the process for virtually UNLIMITED income potential. Imagine being able to fully and easily articulate what you do and why… without feeling like your “Selling”. 

    How does that feel?
  • Do you feel your anxiety floating away?
  • Getting excited about making sales?
  • Are you imagining what you could finally do with your business?

I know right! Because I was there too! I started out in Chrysler credit. I was their leasing person and everyone said I was great at sales? It took a long time before I understood what they meant?

Because I wasn’t trying “to sell” anyone. That sounded horrible to me. I was trying to educate the dealers on their best options. My goal was to help them. I didn’t know you could help people and it still be sales? That’s when everything changed for me. 

And this led me down the path of getting all my MBA and other financial licenses which complimented my degree. Now, I’m on a mission to make sales what it should be…. Helpful!

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Changing The Sales Game

Creating true success in sales is creating real solutions for your clients. Product knowledge is great but relationships, and understanding your client’s goals will help you stand out from the crowd. You’ll be able to anticipate their future needs and troubleshoot any potential problems. This means listening and focusing on the person you are working with, even if it’s on zoom.
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Yes! This is what you’ve been looking for...
An actual playbook to remove buyers' resistance. How can you solve anyone’s problems if as soon as you walk in they think “I don’t want to be sold to!” And who can blame them? 
There is so much “push” out there. So let’s remove the resistance so they can finally HEAR you! 

No more chasing sales. 
Now you can truly come from a position of service!
It’s a game changer! All of this is possible without being salsie!

  • You can sell your services with ease and confidence.
  • You can comfortably close sales.
  • You can create a life of freedom and flexibility for you and your family
  • ​Once you complete the process - A to Z - you can repeat the process, again and again to double, triple, and 10x your revenue!
Let’s Get You Off The Bench, And In The Game!!

Module 1: Your On The Clock

As a hockey mom, I’ve heard all sorts of replies to losing a game. My favorite is ``we didn’t lose the game, we just ran out of time.” And I hear that same sentiment in the world of sales. Way too often you think… “ahh if I only had more time.”

Well, let me be clear (and kind about this), as someone has to tell you. That’s really a rookie statement. It lends itself to the premise that you need more time to “explain” or let’s be honest “convince” them.

In hockey you can’t “rush the play.” And it's the same thing in sales!

You need a strategy before you hit the ice. In hockey my boys did their warm up off the ice and they were ready for the game. So when the buzzer went off, they were ready. Because time goes fast! If your client says they have 30 minutes, then that’s it! There are no time outs! You need to be ready! You need to be prepared! And it’s not about “what you know.” This is where everyone goes wrong. It’s about being prepared with your sales strategy!

Module  2: Earn The Trust Of The Team!

Being “sold to” is a big barrier that you need to overcome. You have to earn a person’s trust so they want you on their team! This is super important and often overlooked.

When my boys played hockey, they trusted their team completely. This allowed them to play without hesitation or resistance. They didn’t have to stop and think, they just delivered!

In sales, most people end up “performing” and that doesn’t create trust.

I get it….
You want them to think you’re the answer to their problems.
But you didn’t earn their trust. Without their trust, you’re out of the game!

Module 3: Game Day

This is where the puck drops!
You have a sales call!
And it can create a surge of adrenaline.

It can be very exciting when you think about the potential business.
And that’s why so many mishandle the puck here!

You come in over confident, you think you have the answer without all the information. The reality is that you don’t know the plays. 

You need to be game ready! 
You need to see the big picture. 
You need to see the ice, not the play.

Module 4: Understanding The Game Plan

You’re not here to save the day! This is about the bigger picture. This is about the game plan. What is their game plan and how can you fit into it? How can you up their game!?!

In hockey, it’s so important to allow your teammate to play their position. If you don’t it messes everything up.

For example if you're a left wing player, why are you on the right side. If you skate all over the place, you're exhausted, even when you have an open net, you're tired. You have to let the game unfold. And this is the same thing with sales!

Without understanding the game plan, you’re done before you start!

Module 5: Can You Bring Value As A Team Mate?

In hockey, the coach knows what to look for...based on the player's skill level. This is the tryouts! And frankly, this is your tryout!

If you’re in alignment with them.

You’re the perfect match…

This is where customers say: “yeah, lets’ do it, I love the plan”
“I want you on my team!”

If the client is not a fit… you tell them “you’re not ready for me”
Don’t force yourself on them…this will cost you if you do.
The client should be saying “where have you been all my life?”
Have you ever felt like this?
 Have you ever faced the Buyer's Resistance Monster? 
Know the Signs!

For more reviews, please check out my Testimonial Page

"I have known Connie for over 15 years as an accomplished colleague that I hold in high regard. She is highly knowledgeable in her field and exemplifies great passion in sharing her knowledge with others. That great passion of Connie’s is evident in her BEYOND dynamic presentations and engagement of audiences of all skill levels!! Her commanding presence and exuberance gets folks truly engaged and excited about learning and motivated to make positive changes. Her authenticity and enthusiasm for sharing her expertise are unparalleled!

~ Dr. Cynthia S. Rowan
President, Performance Management Solutions.

I highly recommend Connie as a speaker for professional development events. Connie was the spotlight speaker at the Monmouth Regional Chamber of Commerce Women In Business Luncheon. Her presentation was interactive, impacting and inspiring. She actively engaged the audience and delivered knowledge and action steps to apply to their business, and to their personal lives. Connie is passionate, energetic, and connects to business professionals and the community instantly.

~ Sherily Przelomski, SHRM-SCP
CEO, Business Enhancement Services & Training Consulting, 

"When a business has the need to work with a consultant, choosing the “right” consultant is extremely important! Connie is truly a different breed. I have worked with many different consultants over the years, and I mostly got what I paid for, a consultant. She is all about building mutually beneficial long-term relationships with everyone she interacts with and she takes a personal interest in not only your company’s success, but your employees success.

~ George Celentano
EVP, Director of Retail Banking, Spencer Savings Bank

"Connie is an off-the-charts rock star as an instructor, speaker and consultant, with one of her greatest talents being how she uses her innate natural warmth, good humor and positive energy to connect with each individual in a sincere and intuitive way, earning buy-in and trust. Connie is creative and flexible and does not use a cookie-cutter approach with her clients - she listened to and evaluated our ideas and needs, and designed a program that accomplished what we wanted it to. I highly recommend Connie as a keynote speaker, for any sales, service, and coaching development needs you may have!"

~ Albert Giobbie
Senior Vice President & Regional Manager, Kennebunk Savings Bank